Ultrasharp Cutting

Peleus.ie Steel – The Game Changer for plasma cutting

We have recently installed an Ultrasharp high definition plasma cutting machine which has been manufactured by Kerf Developments in the UK.
The Ultrasharp technology is the latest in todays market and produces what is accepted by many as a laser quality finish on all of its cuts. The machine is able to cut the following materials and many more:

  • AR 400
  • AR 450
  • AR 500
  • CP60
  • S275
  • S355
  • 304 S/S
  • 310 S/S
  • 316 S/S
  • 321 S/S
  • 16Mo3
  • Boiler Plate


Peleus.ie - Ultrasharp Cutting
Cutting capacity from 1mm to 50mm
Peleus.ie - Plasma Cutting
1:1 Hole Technology
10mm hole in 10mm material
Peleus.ie - Hole Technology
4000mm x 2000mm Bed

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About us

About us

Established since 1982, Peleus is a leading supplier of high quality wear resistant and specialised steel plate products. Serving all of the industries above and more, our ultrasharp plasma cutting and fabrication facilities mean that we can provide to the exact needs of the customers.
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